Stove Restorations



Complete Stove Restoration

Rusted, busted, crusted, unwanted stoves can still be restored to usable condition with a little know how, new replacement parts, High Temperature paint and some elbow grease. If you have a wood stove or pellet stove you would like refurbished, please contact us to set up an appointment and get a quote. 

We also BUY used pellet stoves, working or not! 


Fire Brick Replacement 

Custom Cut Firebrick $7.50/ea

 Most people think Firebricks radiate heat within a Wood Stove, but the truth is Firebricks insulate and protect your wood stove box from warping. When they become porous, crumble and deteriorate, it is important to replace them and extend the life of your wood stove.

Job done on site – we set up a cutting table outside on a tarped area. 

Majestic Mauve

Custom Hi-Temp Painted Pellet Stoves

Sometimes we are asked to repaint a wood or  pellet stove, not just to update the stove but to match the interior design of a house.

These are examples of our best work!

Shabby Chic