Chimney Sweeps


Chimney Sweep $135*

Open fireplaces and wood stoves are cleaned from Cap to Firebox. We use tarps on every job as well as a hepa filtration vacuum. Masonry and Prefab fireplaces are always plastic & taped off to keep soot out of your house.

We carry different types of rods, straight & flexible, to successfully clean most units – standard fireplaces, piping with elbows, wood stoves, etc.

Besides the traditional Top-Down sweep, we also use a rotary system to sweep from the Bottom – Up for A-frame and other dangerous roof-lines, delicate terracotta roof tiles, slick metal roofs and such. 

If for any reason we are unable to safely sweep the chimney – or if your unit is already clean and will not benefit from a sweep – there is no charge (though we will still have to charge a trip fee for out of town jobs). 

A Level 1 Inspection is done with each sweep. Everything observed with the plain eye (no optic scope) is looked over and reported to the homeowner. 

 *Trip charges apply to all jobs outside of Payson. Please see service location page for trip fees. 


“No mess left behind!”





Universal   Chimney Caps

We carry Universal chimney caps that come with a 5yr warranty. 

We can also special order custom sized chimney caps for small, oversized, or round chimneys.


Crown Seals & Small Repairs

For small cracks in your crown, we can crown coat, seal or rebuild. Call to schedule an evaluation!


Refractory Panels Replaced

If your prefab fireplace has severely cracked or degraded panels, we can order and install new custom panels.


Top Mount Dampers

Dampers sometimes rust & seize open or closed. We can cut out or bypass your broken damper and install a top mount damper that seals tight inside the cap!